Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cable Cars, Windmills and Socks

We hit the big city for a night. Barely over 24 hours, but a little getaway felt nice. I gave the stole a rest (knitting lace in the car with a chart and beads seemed a little akward) and started this--

Isn't this yarn beautiful? I got it at Ancient Pathways, and it is dyed locally for them. The color is "Pink Pepper." I am knitting Waving Lace Socks from Favorite Socks, and I made it through the heel flap of sock #1, as you can see.

Pretty, no?

We had dinner and Friday lunch in North Beach, but
Maurice and I ate breakfast at the Cliff House and saw the ocean, and then went to Holland, oops I mean to Queen Wilhelmina Gardens in Golden Gate Park.

Then he persuaded me to go to Imagiknit (what a guy). There I came across some Koigu (another chevron?) and some Claudia Handpainted Linen that I had been eyeing for awhile that was on sale. Oh, and some Noro Daria, since I am enjoying the Corded bag I made from it before and it isn't that easy to find.

I made him fight the traffic for the trip back downtown to Artfibers, and they had changed the way they sold the yarn without really explaining it anywhere. Most of the yarns were on cones, but you could wind off any number of balls worth that you needed. I needlessly searched for colors available in balls or partial cones that I liked, and once I was told I could wind from the cones, I had to go back and decide what I wanted all over again. Then I had to wind 1000 yards of Tsuki from the cone and that took FOREVER. I also got some red silk for something fun. (Note Red! Black! Project Spectrum) They didn't seem to have as much yarn there as they usually have. Maybe it was my imagination.

I love going to San Francisco. Next week will be spent with the family at a cabin up at the lake. I'm hoping for a little "down time" and relaxation and family fun. Wish me luck.


tiennie said...

How fun! Great loot you got there.

pat said...

The Waving Lace are so pretty and all that lovely yarn...mmmmm! Enjoy your time at the lake!

Octopus Knits said...

I love the "Pink Pepper" yarn -- it looks wonderful in the Waving Lace pattern. The other yarns aren't half bad, either ; ) Winding your yarn off big cones in the store definitely sounds more labor intensive, but kind of neat.