Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jitterbugs for June

Socks are done! A little late, but not too bad. I had a little yarn left over, not too much, but a little. I have read about the "not-so-generous" yardage of the Jitterbug, but it was enough for a standard plain pair of Cindy socks.

These socks are being counted toward the Project Spectrum, since I'm not really planning any red, black, or metallic projects for anytime soon. There is a smidge of red in them. And, since we are discussing red, there is not a whole lot of red sock yarn out there. I have looked, and would have purchased some if I had been successful.

I now have NOTHING on the needles. NO WIPS! (Okay, I'm sort of not counting the ancient few things only I know about, shhh) I am about to embark on the MS3. I am stuck deciding on the beads, but I will make a decision and cast on tomorrow. I am also going to start a new sock, either a Cookie A. pattern or a Favorite Socks pattern. I'll tell you more tomorrow.

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tiennie said...

Those are so great!