Monday, July 23, 2007

LIttle House in the Big Woods

Hi! I've missed you! I've been taking a break from civilization.

We lived here for a week--

And spent a lot of time looking at this-

and a lake. A very pretty lake called Shaver Lake in the Sierras. Very nice. I got to experience life without the internet (but with excellent cell phone reception, thank you God), dishwasher, trash service, laundry facilities, or cable tv. You know what that means? Lots of card games, bird watching, sitting by the lake watching the kiddies swim, reading, and KNITTING! Yes, I did that, no technology required! I worked on the mystery stole and finished clue 2 and half of clue 3(had no way of downloading clue 4 so now I was not in a rush) and almost made it to the toe of the first waving lace sock.

I read the latest Maggie Sexton knitting mystery, Killer Stitch, which was fun. I started the latest Bennie Harper mystery by Earlene Fowler. I love that series and have been reading them for years now. I put that aside in the name of Mr. Harry Potter when it was delivered to me Saturday morning by my enabler and most beloved sister. Then I itched to start it while playing hostess to the family, but FINALLY got going on it on Sunday when we got home.

I would have blogged sooner but I was sincerely afraid of touching the internet for fear of spoilers. I had waited to long for the conclusion of story to have it spoiled. I will not spoil it here except to say it was a very satisfying read. Yes, Alex finished it before me.

Tomorrow we turn around and go to SF for the Stitch N Pitch game. Go Giants!


Woman who knits said...

Socks are great. The shawl is just divine!! I'm glad you had a good time relaxing in the woods!

Tracy said...

Oh, here you are!! I am glad you got HP finished so you could post your nature photos!! Have a great time in S.F.

Suzelle said...

I wondered what happened to you !!!!! Glad you had fun :)

Have fun in SF.......

tiennie said...

Glad you had fun!

Octopus Knits said...

What fun! The stole and the sock look great!