Monday, July 09, 2007

The other sister

OK... My silly sister said I must post or else she would take my name off of the blog. So, fine. Here's my post.
1. Wedding planning: How can I fit people into the church for a wedding and then in the exact same space for a reception? I just simply don't know the answer to this question and it is stressing me out just a tad. I'm meeting with the wedding planner tomorrow. Hopefully she will have some ideas because I'm a big blank. Other than that, all is going well. All the girls have dresses or have dresses on order. Grace was a hoot. If it were up to her she would still be trying on fancy dresses in every store in town.

Here's Grace at David's... we ordered one at Luftenburgs. You can see it at this link: Her dress will be in ivory with a green sash to match the bridesmaids.
2. The end of an era: I've been a Stampin Up demonstrator for a decade. Yes, 10 years have passed since I did my first workshop. I've loved SU and this month I'm officially saying goodbye. I'm still "active" until the end of the month, and that's it. I still love stamping but I'm so horrible at the marketing aspect of the whole thing that it just isn't working out. I love planning projects and all that, but I just can't be my own best customer anymore. It feels strange knowing it is all coming to an end -- sort of like I'm cutting off my arm.
3. Squish: I'm totally excited that I'm going to be a Mrs. soon. I get to move into Gary's apartment and give it my touches -- turn his bachelor pad into our home together. That's so exciting I can't even describe it. I'm having bittersweet feelings, though. I'm so sad to be moving out of my pretty girly stamping haven. Moss and butter yellow walls, organized shelves, lovely curtains sewn by Nola Mom. I just love my stamp room. I don't want to leave it behind.


Tracy said...

Hi Carey (aka:Other Sister)
I was SO Glad to see you post again--I missed you!

Hey, Maybe your Mom will let you keep the stamp room to come home to visit & create in??? Just a thought--

By the way, I finished the last Shopaholic book now--What fun they were--Thanks for the loan!!

Am I seeing you on Thursday pm??

Cindy said...

Why don't you keep the stamp room and then you room can be turned into my sewing room (where I could go for peace and quiet). That would promote family togetherness!