Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yarn Paper Scissors

Thanks to Emily the wondergirl for the blog banner and button. It only took a few bribes and/or pleading to get that done. It is very interesting that I have been trying for FOREVER to get a better banner and coordinate a photo banner with blogger but it took Emily like 2 seconds to do.

Anniversary stats -

177 posts

10 1/2 pairs of socks

17 road trips

465 comments (thank you)

2 graduations

1 blue ribbon

1 engagement

1 wedding

lots of dimples and curly hair (kid shots)

It has been an eventful year around here at YPS, and hopefully the next year will be just as blessed!

Thanks for reading!


pat said...

Oooo - I like the new look!!

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Happy anniversary! Looks like Emily has a future as a graphic artist! I may need to hire her for a project or two!
Thanks for a year of fun and inspiration. Lisa

Frank said...

Happy anniversary!

tiennie said...

Fabulous new look!

mle said...

Happy blogiversary!