Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Love Green!

After putting it off way too long, I got with the program today and finished up a few things. One thing I was dreading, hemming Grace's flowergirl dress (wedding Saturday), and one thing I wasn't exactly dreading, but more like waiting for the appropriate time to drag out the sewing machine.

Today was the day. Out came the machine and the raw purse materials--

I was going to use the small light green polka dot fabric for the lining, but spotted the wild green squares in my fabric stash and decided to go with it for the lining.

Looks pretty good, huh?

I made my usual zipper pocket on one side, but this time I made two large pouches on the other side to hold my cell phone and perhaps a sock-in-progress. I added the magnetic closure and handles and very stiff interfacing between the lining and bag body to give it some substance.

Then I made a "rope" of many lengths of Squiggle and sewed it to the top. I had to then pull out the fuzzy bits and fluff a little, but then I was done.

The base of the purse was two colors of Cascade 220 held together using the Noni Bobble Bag pattern. The handles I purchased at Hancock Fabrics.

I'm so happy to have finished! I was getting really tired of lugging my gigantic brown leather bag around but didn't want to buy another bag when I knew this one was waiting for me.

The cable pillow project has been neglected today in favor of the sewing machine, but I am finished with one pattern repeat. The pattern calls for four, but I may do more if it doesn't end up a square.
Edit: I deleted the photos and then reloaded them. Blogger is so irritating at times! If you can't see the photos, let me know.


Carey said...

Hooray for green! It looks super pretty and wonderfully nifty for having a custom sock-in-progress pocket. You rock sister.

tiennie said...

That is too too pretty! Great bag!

pat said...

How come I can't see the pictures - they are all little boxed with red Xs in them....looks like others could see them (tiennie and carey)????

pat said...

Thanks for fixing the pics!!
The bag is amazing!! and your own custom cell and sock knitting pockets too! I also love the lining/handles ...great job!

Anonymous said...

What a fun bag...it turned out great! I haven't changed to my "summer" bag yet as it is SNOWING here today! Yuck.

Frank said...

What a cute bag! I need to find me someone to make one for... (I know, dangling participle... but it sounds odd to say, "I need to find someone for whom to make that bag")