Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yes I Knit!

In between the paper/canvas thing and the egg decorating, I have been knitting. Yes, I have. I finished Clapotis! What a fun knit. It was almost the perfect project. Easy enough to knit while having a conversation or watching tv, speedy, little goals (dropping the stitch every 12th row), an interesting directional slant, and I didn't get bored.

Here it is in full and up close-

I used Interlacements rayon/linen yarn and size 8 KnitPicks Options needles.

While I was outside trying to capture better light, I noticed my rose blooming. Pretty, huh?

Edit: Yes, I noticed that my foot is in the picture. Great photographer, yes I am.


pat said...

Very pretty scarf - that close up picture is wonderful!
No roses here....we just got a new lovely blanket of snow.

Suzelle said...

Gorgeous :)

Frank said...

OMG, I'm torn. I'm so happy to see such a beautiful example of a Clapotis. And yet I'm so sad to see how much further I have to go on mine!