Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is Wrong with This Picture?

It snapped. I've almost snapped. Fortunately, they come with a guarantee. Great company, that Brittany Birch.
Too bad everything else doesn't come with the same guarantee.
Speaking of which, my laptop has two keys that popped off. Compaq will fix it because it is under warranty, except I have to ship it to them to fix. That means I will have to be without my computer for a while. Sob.


pat said...

Oh No - Can't you just type without those 2 letters? :-)

Carey said...

Wha le ers are missi g?

Cindy said...

Hysterical you are. I have typed without them for awhile now, except the warranty expires soon, so I thought I needed to take care of business before I was on my own.

To answer the question, the 8 and the i. You really don't use the 8 much, but you do use the i.

tiennie said...

Hope your computer comes back soon!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh Nooooooo! Now how will I know what you are up to? I guess I will have to get busy with snail mail!