Friday, April 13, 2007


I was zooming along with the cables, almost to the end of the second pattern repeat when I looked down and noticed I had crossed the cables wrong about 6 rows back. AAACK! I ripped, telling myself it wasn't that bad, only around an hours worth of knitting, and as I have heard it be said, that just means you get to knit more, and isn't knitting what we enjoy doing?

Then I noticed after ripping the 6 rows, I had done it again around another 10 rows back! After cursing to myself (I was at Grace's dance class, and cursing aloud at my knitting would just be the nail in the "Isn't she weird" coffin) I got to rip some more.

I was feeling very smug about my cable skills. I was thinking of tackling something really hard after this. Now I feel very not-smug. I have been put in my place, and I'm feeling a little betrayed by my knitting. I now have to figure out where I am on the chart after ripping, and try to figure out why I went wrong. And then not do it again.

I chickened out this morning at "knit while your hair gets done" time. I worked on my pink sock. I'm thinking I will wait to resume the cables until after the family wedding is done and life resumes normal chaos instead of super stress chaos. I don't need any more stress.

No photos of the disappearing cables. That would just be too sad. You'll have to imagine the pain.


tiennie said...

Oh no! You must check out the Yarnharlot's post on miscrossed cables and for what she did to fix hers too. It's painful to rip.

Cindy said...

I read all of theirs before but I made the same mistake several times across the row, so I gave up and ripped. I didn't have the stamina to do knitting surgery, I figured it was easier to rip 16 rows than even try.