Monday, April 16, 2007

We Interrupt this Knitting....

for a lot of family activity. We had a major family wedding this weekend. Maurice's sister Lori got married to a very nice man Emilio. Starting Thursday we wined and dined with out of town family who came in for the wedding. We were still wining and dining last night, and for the next 4 days our family gains a kid while Lori is on her honeymoon.

Add being a mother of 4 with getting new carpet bright and early Monday morning, and you come up with a lot of stress. Not much time for knitting, and several times during the weekend I felt myself longing for the needles and unable to satisfy the craving.

This morning while the carpet was being installed I slipped in a few rows on the pink sock. I really like this pattern - it is the first Nancy Bush pattern I have done (it is the Anniversary Sock from Favorite Socks). I don't know how many more pattern repeats I should do before I start the heal - the Sophie's Toes yarn I am using doesn't have a overabundance of yardage, so I'm not sure how much yarn I have to spare. Any opinions? I have three so far.

I'm feeling guilty about my lack of blogging lately. No knitting means nothing to show or talk about. While I was cleaning out the back room (formerly the family/craft room, currently Alex's bedroom with some of Mom's junk stashed in there) I found a experimental little quilt I made a few years ago.

This was a painting Emily did when she was in 6th grade (I think) that I scanned and printed on fabric. Then I added some bright border strips and did a wild amount of free motion quilting around the whole thing.

I have always wanted to play more with the printing photos on fabric thing. I think it has a lot of potential to be a lot of fun.

Add it to the list.

And now for the wedding photo shoot --


tiennie said...

Great pics! Looks like a lovely time.

Tracy said...

How about doing some photo on fabric thing with me for CGW??? I have a desire to play with that kind of craft too!!!

Frank said...

What cuties!

The quilt is ADORABLE! I love it!