Sunday, April 29, 2007

Socks for April

It is hot here. Not exactly wool sock weather, more like 98 degrees on a Saturday in April. Crazy. A stomach bug caught Grace, so the poor kid has been feverish and sick when it is hot. When she is sick she likes to be up close to Mom, so I have been living with 98 degrees and a 102 degree heating pad snuggled up to me. Fun.

She is better this Sunday afternoon, thank God, and while I'm sleep deprived and every towel in the house is being laundered, the pink socks are done.

The official view --

and the view on the feet (standing on Alex's new carpet).

I really like these socks. The pattern was fun to knit, and breaking a needle just taught me a lesson that pointier needles really make the k2tog work a lot easier. This is a Nancy Bush pattern, and like a lot of her socks in Vintage Socks, they don't have kitchener stitch on the toe. You just decrease until there are 9 stitches left and poof, pull through and finish. It kind of makes a little swirl on the toe. A peppermint colored swirl.

As I may have mentioned before, this is Sophie's Toes Lipstick sock yarn, on #1 needles. I got the yarn on and I enjoyed knitting with it.

I pulled out my Magic Loop instructions, and think I may need a longer circular needle. May socks may have to be on two circulars, or maybe I'll do something completely different. Don't know yet.

I will probably go back to my cables. I have punished them appropriately, not having touched them since they betrayed me. I'll give them another chance, it's only fair to accept my part of the blame.

The laptop goes away tomorrow. I will try to "visit" someone's computer and sneak in a peek or two at the blog while mine gets all its keys in order.


tiennie said...

The socks are very pretty! Hope your daughter is feeling better!

pat said...

The pink socks are pretty!! I'm getting to like those quick toes of Nancy's! How long was your magic loop circular needle?