Friday, May 25, 2007

Chicken Alert!

Tillie the Hen is finished!

What a fun knit. I enjoyed creating her from start to finish. She turned out almost exactly like the pattern.

Specs: Simply Knitting Magazine, Spring issue, Sublime merino dk yarn, size 3 needles, babies made from fuzzy mohair blend yarn. I stuffed the base body with doll bead pellet things, and she has a good weight to her. She has bloomers on under sher skirt, as seen better in the previous post.

I could seriously become addicted to knitting "things" now. This was fun. I don't exactly know what to do with her now that she's done, but I had to knit her.

Does Carey need a bride and groom chicken?

Close up of Tillie the Hen.


Octopus Knits said...

Tillie is awesome! Very cute little chicks, too. Great job!

pat said...

She is the coolest chicken I have ever seen!! and those baby chicks - adorable!

Suzelle said...

If she is not theeeee CUTEST little thing !!!!!!

tiennie said...

I love Tillie! I may have to acquire a Tillie of my own!

Tracy said...

She's Simply FABULOUS!!

Carey said...

Yes... Carey needs a bride and groom chicken. Very much so.