Sunday, May 20, 2007

Seven Random Facts About Cindy

I was tagged to do this meme and I've never done one before so here goes -

  1. I'm left handed, my sister is left handed, but no one else, not my mom or dad or my kids is left-handed. I'm very proud of my left handedness, but am sort of sad I did not pass it on to my kids.
  2. I hate apples. The entire universe loves apples, and I can't stand them. It's the texture. Ick.
  3. I skipped first grade. Instead of branding me a genius for life, it has resulted in me not learning my left from my right very well. It took me learning to drive for that to click. (Watching Blue's Clues with Grace helped too)
  4. I love the Brady Bunch. Gilligan's Island and I Dream of Jeannie aren't bad either. I can't stand Leave It to Beaver.
  5. I could watch the movie Elf and the newer Parent Trap over and over again. I realize they are cheesy. When Lindsay Lohan realizes she's a twin I tear up every time.
  6. I think dimples on guys are very cute. (Mario Lopez! Jeff Probst!) I didn't really notice them until Alex was born with the deepest dimples ever.
  7. My favorite food in the world is Rocky Road ice cream from Rite Aid/Thrifty. If they discontinue it I will be very, very sad.


Anonymous said...

Do you really tear up? I don't think you do. Oh well. We'll have to watch TPT tonight ;)


pat said...

You need to eat a "picked off the tree" New England apple!!! the apples in grocery stores are NOT apples!!

tiennie said...

Hey, I'm left-handed too and so is one of my sons!

Tracy said...

I agree with Pat!!! Not all apples are created equal. eSome are mealy/spongy and some are crisp/crunchy.....