Monday, May 21, 2007

Fun with Fowl and Fiber

Here she is--

Isn't she beautiful?

Okay, yes, she could use some clothes. And some eyes, wings, claws, and a beak. And eyes. But, hey, she's lookin' good so far! Sort of like a bowling pin with legs.

Poultry production continues....

On the sock front, I have now made a sock using the magic loop method. I like it. It opens up a lot of possibilities for other things too. I will take a picture when the second one is done. I haven't figured out how to do two at the same time, and I decided to do cuff down for the first shot at "looping." So I have a ways to go in the "learning new things" department, but so far so good.


Midnight Purls said...

That is too cute! Can't wait to see it all finished up.

Suzelle said...

Okay...this is giong to be one cute chicken :)

Tracy said...

Where is this cute little guy's head???

Anonymous said...

Tracy, the head is above the blue sweater, on the very top. It's grey. :)