Friday, May 11, 2007

Craving for Chicken

Sometimes I see something and immediately want to make it, even if it is the silliest thing. If I don't give in to the urge it haunts me. I can hear it calling. Yes, patterns talk to me. Yarn talks to me too. Housework cries to me, but that I block better than patterns and yarn. Selective listening.

Anyway, I bought the over priced Simply Knitting British magazine because they included a free zipper bag with balls of yarn printed on it. Sucker. Being the "I'm not a beginner anymore" snob that I am I thought the magazine would be rather dull, sort of like Knit Simple and that type of magazine. This one actually had a lot of cute patterns, including many that American magazines would not consider simple. I liked the layout of the magazine too. The free gift lured me into finding a good magazine that I would buy again.

That leads me to the chicken. I couldn't resist it. I went to Janna's looking for the yarn and they had the exact yarn it calls for, Sublime, a DK weight merino by Sirdir. They had just gotten it in, and they had all the colors. The knitting cosmos almost NEVER works that well. They didn't have the different mustard color yarn that the feet are made from, but that is minor. After spending a bizallon dollars on six skeins of British extra fine merino to make this chicken I am dying to get started.

While I was at the yarn store, I saw this:

The photo obviously does not do it justice. The colors are very watercolor, and it is just beautiful. It is expensive, and I don't know exactly what I would make with it, but it is beautiful! I bought a skein just to play with.


Frank said...

omg, that chicken is adorable! I wish I knew someone who would appreciate it. I never buy skeins I love because I have NO clue what to do with them. So I normally buy 10... ;)

pat said...

You are so funny - I cannot wait to see your chicken!!!

tiennie said...

A knitted chicken? You have to finish so we can see!