Monday, May 14, 2007


I'm in chicken production. I placed the order for some hopefully appropriate chicken foot yarn. Paid extra for shipping, because I'm an impatient chicken-foot-yarn-waiter. I couldn't even wait for Tuesday to go to the LYS to look for chicken foot yarn there. My goal is to have all the other pieces knitted and sewn up when the foot yarn arrives. I don't know why I'm in such a hurry, the word obsession comes to mind. Hmmm....

Here are the exploded chicken parts in progress -

In other news, I swatched a little of the purple watercolory yarn. I know watercolory is not a word, but I don't know how else to describe it. I like the yarn, I like the color. I'm not too crazy about the yardage-99 yards a ball, and the price-around 8 dollars. To make a sweater it would take lots of balls, and therefore, lots of dollars. I've been known to spend money on yarn before (really?) but I have a lot in the stash that I could work on, and so I am therefore being "good" and passing up the purply watercolory yarn. Unless a Irish Hiking scarf or whatever it is called might be good. Hmmm..... don't know.

The mailman brought me a little tubular package. At first, I thought "What could it be?" then the lightbulb went on. My needle! My replacement Brittany Birch short size 1 dpn! Yay! I already finished up the sock I was knitting when it broke, but hey, I'm happy anyway. And I got to get a cute little package in the mail. I amuse easily.

Edited later: After I posted this post, I actually opened the little tubular package and it contained not one, but TWO replacement needles. How fabulous! Thank you Brittany Birch People!

I work tomorrow (second grade) so chicken production will have to wait until recess. I can already hear the kids asking me what I'm making and then looking at me like I'm a crazy lady when I answer them. Ha.


Frank said...

LIKE you are a crazy lady? ;)

Tracy said...


Cindy said...

Is there something wrong with that? And aren't you people supposed to be on my side?

Anonymous said...


for those of you who don't know...

Rachel (girl on softball team): What are you making?

Cindy: It's like a doll thing.. it's really cute.

Emily: It's a chicken. (very bluntly I might add :D )

Rachel: *laugh*

That's all.


Carey said...

My sister has been forced out of the closet. Those closet chicken lovers will be so happy for you and your newfound liberation! Here's a question though: Does Maurice know about this?