Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cuppy in a Mirror

I have been sort of dancing around the "wanting to sew" feeling for awhile now. Hemming the flower girl dress didn't send that feeling away, nor did sewing the Ramses costume. I really didn't want to drag out a big production, and most of my fabric is packed away temporarily as a part of the Alex's room project, so I hadn't been acting on the urge except to let it brew in my head.

I still subscribe to Quiltmaker Magazine, a leftover from my quilt magazine-a-holic phase. You know how they send you the notice your subscription is almost over so you pay it, only to realize "almost" means 11 months from now? Well, that happened, and so I will be getting Quiltmaker for a few more months, even though the Interweave Knits is what sends my heart a flutter now.
Quiltmaker came in the mail around a week ago, and it happened. I saw a project that I wanted to make.

Can you tell what it is?

How about now?

Any better?

It is not finished, but will most likely be a little pillow. It is based on Emily's cat, Cuppy, and since I forgot that foundation pieced patterns turn out reversed from how the patterns appear, it is entitled "Cuppy in a Mirror." I had doubts while I was sewing it whether or not it would actually look like anything when it was done, but I think it looks okay now that it is together. It was rather complicated to do, it has very tiny pieces (181 of them!) and 12 sections. It went together without too much headache, now I just have to put the borders on.

On the knitting front, the cables are back to making me smile, and my plain sock for May is getting a gusset. My computer is away in Tennessee, and I'm here, so blogging is complicated.


Carey said...

So so cute. I can't believe all those teeny pieces. Wow! And congrats on completing the cutting without a trip to emergency. :-)

pat said...

I LOVE paper piecing!! That is so adorable. My Quiltmaker finally ran out, but I think I will probably be getting Quilter's Newsletter for the rest of my life!

tiennie said...

That is very cool!

Frank said...

Well, you've got WAY more patience than I have. It's adorable but I would have given up after the 10th piece...