Friday, February 09, 2007

Felt Flying from the Fingers

Here is the felt needle case I made. It is approx 3 x 4 inches (hard to tell in the photo). It was fun to do embroidery again, it had been a long time since I did that.

Knitting tends to take over the urge to do anything else. I do enjoy working with a needle, in many forms.

This is from the book, Felt Wee Folk by Salley Mavor, which is a very interesting book. I am not really into fairies, but the handwork in the book is really exquisite. It makes me want to make a bunch of little felt dolls with acorn hats.

I went to Ancient Pathways today. No, I did not buy any yarn. (I did fondle a few skeins). I was there because Meg called me that Lace Style had come in.

I never said I wouldn't buy any knitting books. I LOVE knitting books. Everywhere you look in my house you see either knitting books or knitting magazines. Can't help myself. It's a disease I don't want to recover from. There is something delicious about the potential of a knitting project, and a good book is full of them. Lace Style follows my favorite book Scarf Style. I really admire the books from Interweave Press. They do a quality job.

I also came home recently with their new sock book, Favorite Socks. Another book full of potential. I wish life could be long enough to knit everything I have on my wish list.

I guess I will have to take it one project at a time. Or at least a few at a time.

Grace tied her own shoes today. Sat down and worked through it. Once her mind was made up, she sat down and did it. Hooray!


Pat said...

I need to look inside "Favorite Socks". I probably have most of the patterns from old magazines.....BUT it would be nice to have them all in one place.

I think I'm pulling out my quilt to finish - all it needs is quilting and binding. I can SO relate to your "knitting tends to take over the urge to do anything else"
1st I have to make a path to the sewing machine!

Anonymous said...

uwrkCongratulations to Cindy. You finished a mitten!!!! Ha ha ha!