Saturday, February 03, 2007

Say Goodbye to the Ugly Monkey

I love the Monkey Sock Pattern. Cookie A. designed it, and it is a very easy and attractive lace sock pattern.

Unfortunately, the Tofutsies yarn looks HORRIBLE when made into this pattern. The colors pool in very unattractive ways. I tried to go with it. I can wear a wacky sock. Then, when I got to the heel flap, and it started striping, it looked good. If I had a pattern with a different gauge, maybe the colors would stripe like that and wouldn't look like blobs of color.

So the Monkey has to go. Shame, too, since the knitting part was going splendidly. Very splendidly, in fact, or I wouldn't have let the ugliness go on so long.
I'm not going to give up on this pattern, though. I am going to use a plain yarn, in this nice blue in honor of Project Spectrum. I had this yarn in my stash, and I think it will do nicely.
All this monkey business will have to wait until the Anemoi mittens are done. Or at least until they are more underway. I am still working out the kinks on the needle size. I have started over, AGAIN, and am now using size 3 needles.
I am working on patience to weather the latest knitting crisis. I am hopeful the Super Bowl will yield much knitting time, in between commercials and guacamole, and Monday will bring photos of knitting progress.


tiennie said...

I have to agree with you - I think the monkey would definitely look better in a plain color.

Pat said...

Yep I agree too....the blue Lorna's Laces will make beautiful monkey socks!!

Tracylinney said...

Me Too!! The plain blue is pretty, and a pretty pattern will only make it better--but the other yarn is meant to show those cule little tofutti stripes--just say no to ugly pooling.

Woman who knits said...

It really did pool!!! Wow! The blue is beautiful. I wonder what other item you can use the tofuities with?? Hmmm