Friday, February 09, 2007

Furry Finishing Friday in February

Cuppy and I got down to business and finished the corded bag I knitted a few weeks ago. I tend to put off sewing, but today got busy and added a lining and zipper to create a fabulous bag that I can use for makeup or knitting goodies or something.

Cuppy thought the lining looked great.

For some reason, she hasn't left me alone all day and really wanted to be my model.

Remember the fabric from Tracy's bobble bag? So frugal, I am.

Check another thing off the finishing list.

On the Anemoi mitten update -- I got home from the kids orthodontist appointment (Alex gets his braces off next time!) and was missing a needle. Argh. Fixed that situation this morning, so I'm off and running (or knitting) again.

I have also been working on my swatches for homework for Stitches. Not hard, just need to get them ready. I'm SO excited.

Tracy, Mom, and I (Crafters Gone Wild) got together yesterday and played with felt. I'm close to finishing a little needle holder that I will photograph soon. It is cute!


Pat said...

I love the little bag - that lining is just perfect!

Lynne said...

Me too - the colours are fantastic and the lining is just made for it!