Friday, February 23, 2007

Russian Lace

Day 2.

Six hour class on Russian Lace. Taught by the expert on Orenburg shawls, Galina Khmeleva. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it throughly. She has a heavy accent, which I loved, and told stories that made the day feel like you were transported out of California and into Russia.

I even made some lace. Here it is along with my cable samples from yesterday I forgot to show you.
I now want to become a lace expert. Yesterday I wanted to become a cable expert. Tomorrow is sock class, I will I'm sure want to become a sock expert. I'm fickle, yet predictable.
The Market is very overwhelming. I try to carry on, despite the temptation lurking around every bend. There are lots of bends to lurk around too, it is huge! I found some potential lace shawls disguised as yarn today at lunch time. They give you 2 hours for lunch, just in case you want to pop in to the Market for a spot. Or skein. Nice of them, really.
Tonight is the fashion show and dinner. I will try to take my camera, but they don't allow photography in the market, but maybe they will at the show.
Anyhow, wish you all were here with me. Spending money is more fun with a friend (or sister or mom). I really need someone to steer me away from the purple and green. When I step back and look at the photos it is funny. Did anyone else notice it?


Carey said...

Aaah, sister... I wish I were there. But tomorrow I will be! Hooray! Love the green and purple. So, so very me.

Tracylinney said...

And good for Me too-The purple & green, says the friend!! And... Yes, you are predictable
Re: wanting to be the expert at each class you've taken, and on the colors of your purchases,(except that the pink is missing) But, none of this is criticism, it's part of why you are so charming.

Shelley said...

Look at that yummy yarn! Your swatches look great - both the cable and lace!

Tracylinney said...

What happened to Friday or for that matter, where's our update on Saturday? Do we have to wait for Monday to find out what happened on these days & for Sunday too??? I think it's unfair that you are holding out on the regularly programmed broadcast, just because you have shopping buddies now---You have loyal readers, checking the blog for regular updates---you have official followers!!! With glory, comes responsibility--:)