Saturday, February 17, 2007

Half a Pair of Monkeys

It is very hard to get a photo of your own foot!
I finished the first Monkey sock this morning. I really enjoyed this pattern, and I think it looks lovely in this yarn. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Color Douglas Fir, Size #1 needles.
Project Spectrum Project #2 halfway done.
I want to wear these to Stitches. Cookie A., the designer, is going to have a booth there, and I'm so excited!
I just have to hurry and do the second one.
I have been spending some time working on finding patterns that I want to make so that I can look for yarn with a purpose at the Stitches Market. I got the new Interweave Knits today and I have been cruising the old magazines and books on my shelf for inspiration. I did see a very nice cardigan pattern in the new No Sheep for You book. I have my eye on that book! It had some very nice patterns in it.
Decisions have never been easy for me, and I have a feeling I am going to be very overwhelmed by all the choices I will see, but I'm trying to go in with a game plan.


tiennie said...

That is a cool pattern that I definitely want to knit!

Tracylinney said...

Very nice in that solid yarn-it shows all the pretty pattern that would be hidden by self striping yarn (too distracting)and definitely better than the pooling situation you had earlier on these socks-knit away-you only have 3 days before you go!!!!

Pat said...

I want to knit Monkeys in a solid yarn too - yours are wonderful...they show the pattern so much better than the ones I've seen in variegated.
I've always thought if people could see me taking pictures of my socks on my feet, they would think I was crazy. This morning I used the timer and put the camera on 2 books on the floor and then ran to get in front of it....

Anonymous said...

If photographing your on foot is that hard, why not ask one of your three monkeys to do it for you?