Sunday, February 25, 2007

Twelve little socks all in a line

Here is how day #3 started:

with a lot of vintage socks.

Taking a class from Nancy Bush was a great experience. She was very down to earth and well spoken, and had a wealth of knowledge to pass to us. I am very lucky to have my only sock class be from the sock master.

Here she is with all her socks (not the best photo of her),

and here are the socks again, along with the copy of Weldon's practical Needlework, the 19th century book that she used as inspiration for the vintage socks.

We made a little sock in class, enough to do the cast on, (double yarn long tail caston, which makes the edge very stretchy) do a few rows in pattern for the leg (using a "seam stitch" down the back that was common during those times), heel flap, Welsh heel (lots of holes), picking up stitches (now I know how to do this better), foot, and finally, a three pointed toe. This sock predates kitchener stitch,so the yarn is just pulled through the final stitches to end. I chose not to end becausing I was using my new Socks That Rock in Puck's Mischief, and didn't want to save this little creation.

The Student Banquet was fun. I met some fun people, Brenda and Cindy and Frank, who I sat with at the table along with Lily Chin (who was dressed as Madeline). For those of you who don't know, Lily Chin is a knitwear designer and also the world's fastest crocheter (she was on Martha) The banquet featured a fashion show by anyone who wanted to show off what they had made. There were some very incredible creations to be seen. (Lots not on the runway too). It was a fun night.


Pat said...

I just finished reading your wonderful Stitches posts....thank you so much for all the detail and photos - ooooh hanging with Lily Chin!!
I LOVE that sock table picture - had to enlarge it and study all those famous socks!!
Sound like a very interesting and FILLED 3 days!!

Shelley said...

Sounds like an awesome experience! Your little sock looks cute, even if you aren't going to save it. I also LOVE the colour of that STR yarn!

Frank said...

HEY! I told you to make me look skinny!

It was a pleasure to meet you and have dinner with you! Let's keep in blog-touch.

tiennie said...

Lucky you! I would love to learn from the Master sock knitter. Looks like a great time. said...

Will there be a post showing all you found at the market- I am sure we haven't seen it all!