Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lace, yarn and two monkeys jumping on the bed

I'm so tired.

I've seen Jane Sowerby talk about Victorian Lace Today. Beyond awesome. Fabulously awesome.

I've seen Melissa Leapman teach cables. Wow. I want to make everything in her book (that she signed for me).

I had lunch (I needed the protein boost like you wouldn't believe). I met Karen, a knitter who had made a beautiful lace scarf. It was incredibly beautiful.

I walked back and forth a lot. I saw a lot of knitters. Lots. I waited in line to preview the Market.
I found a little yarn there.

I saw Cookie, designer of mind blowing sock patterns. She signed them for me.

I got some SeaSilk, some Socks That Rock, and a few other things.

I finished my Monkey socks (I will graft the heel after I post this).

Not bad for day number 1.


Tracylinney said...

Wow! Good job with the photos. It gives me a glimpse into your full day....I hope tomorrow is equally thrilling (& exhausting, if that means you're getting more than a day's worth packed into it)

tiennie said...

Sounds like a great day!