Friday, March 23, 2007


It's Friday! Hooray! I worked two days this week, which to most hard-working folk is a vacation, but to me is cause for a nap. I have been a substitute teacher for almost 6 years now. I like it, but some days are easier than others. 7th grade - instant headache. 3rd grade - bliss. Today was 3rd grade, and the sun is shining, and when I got home I had a package of items I bought at Etsy a few days ago - sock yarn!!

It was Sophie's toes sock yarn, and beautiful stuff too! I decided it needed to be shown off in natural light and with the spring grass as background instead of the living room carpet.

Isn't it pretty?

I have been knitting whenever I get the chance this week, at lunchtime in the classroom, at the orthodontist, and at Grace's dance class. Clapotis is coming along, and everytime it is time to drop a stitch I get all excited. Makes me feel like a knitting daredevil, letting the stitch drop off the needle. Of course, I check two or three times to make sure I'm dropping the right one before I let it slip. Must not be stupid.

I did finally graft the toe of the STR sock I started after Stitches. That one isn't going very quickly. I'm still all itchy to sew. This weekend I hope to make progress on our "musical children" project. That has nothing to do with music, but everything to do with moving Alex out of his room into the back room (formerly known as my sewing room/family room), moving Grace to Alex's old room, and giving Emily some space. All this has taken forever, and will continue to take up good crafting time. What a pain. It has caused me to go through a lot of old junk, I mean stuff, that I have not even looked at for a long time.
Spring cleaning weekend! Yikes, that sounds scary.


tiennie said...

Clapotis is looking great and that yarn is so pretty!

Shelley said...

I love that sock yarn - such pretty and vibrant colours shown in natural light against the grass...gorgeous! Great job on clapotis!

Pat said...

Looks like you have some great yarn for the next 2 months of Project Spectrum!!

Tracylinney said...

Still feel like sewing, huh??? It's not too late to accept my generous offer to let you do up the quickie little horsey p.j.'s. Just think how happy you would make my darling little daughter & her two AG dolls?? How about it?

Frank said...

The sock yarns are gorgeous! Wow... And you're busting ta move on your Clapotis.