Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The End of the Blues

I'm trying to participate in Project Spectrum, where you create (knit), concentrating on certain colors for a period of two months. February and March were supposed to be blue, gray, and white.

I am not a blue lover. Sorry, I know most people like blue, I think blue is boring. Gray is even more boring. White is okay, I guess, but it is mostly an accent. This family doesn't do very well having white around. (Need an example? Grace tripped and dropped a purple berry smoothie on the carpet we were contemplating replacing. Now we've decided (ahem!) and the carpet guy comes Thursday)

I made Grace blue mittens. I made a gray scarf. Then came the middle of February and with it thoughts of pink and red and valentines. I love pink. Then came March and thoughts turned to green. I love green. Am deep in the middle of creating a really green felted bag. I'm almost done with the green and purple socks. Whoops, I was supposed to be doing blue and gray. (I know Tracy you are going to remind me of the gray/black/white sock yarn I bought. Just can't make myself do it.)

Anyway, thankfully April is just around the corner, and with it comes Pink, Green, and Yellow. Now those are some colors I can wrap my brain around. I have two skeins of new pink sock yarn and one of green. I could do an entire post about my green shoe collection. I could completely make up for being such a loser the first two months!

I'm also supposed to be doing a pair of socks every month. I've sort of been concentrating on Clapotis (which is going well) and ignoring my socks that I started in early March. Whoops. I need to make the deadline (or what? I don't know) so now I am knitting like a crazy woman. I actually always knit that way, but now I have a challenge. Yesterday I was on the ribbing, and by this afternoon, I had finished the gusset decreases. Hooray! The light is at the end of the tunnel! Doctor waiting rooms are good for something.
I am safely on the road to finishing the sock, and the blue thing I have completely abandoned. Not too bad. I'll post finished photos soon.