Sunday, March 11, 2007

What should I do next?

Tomorrow the cupcake extravaganza will take place. I think I'm prepared.

I am done with one of the socks, the other one is easy knitting that I shouldn't rush through because it is always good to have some brainless knitting for the unexpected knitting situation, should the need arise and all.

The green bag is stuck in "How to do the top" dilemma, just need to sit down and do it.

I started a lace scarf from knit picks laceweight, but it isn't thrilling me. Plus, I'm sort of itching to use some of the fabulous stuff I got at Stitches.


What should it be? Pat's shawl she just finished makes me want to do some lace. I think I may be the only knitblogger in the world not to have done Clapotis, should I use the interlacements yarn I have been saving for such a project? I have the No Sheep For You book with some interesting things in it. Same with the Favorite Sock book. And the Vintage sock and Socks for the Road books, now that I've actually seen the socks, I need to get in some Nancy Bush-ness.
I have yarn for a cable sweater. Melissa Leapman's book has a great sweater in it that I could try.

I have no idea what I should do first. Any suggestions?


Pat said...

You are not the only one who hasn't made Clapotis - I've never made that one.
I just got the Favorite Socks book too and spent last night in bed looking through...there are definitely some socks I want to make!
Sounds like you have some good options....

tiennie said...

I've never knitted the Clapotis either. I'm still searching for the perfect yarn. I love the Favorite Socks book though!

rita said...

I haven't done a Clapotis either. Looks like there are plenty of us!

I've knit lots and lots of socks, but so far haven't ventured into anything ambitious, such as lace, any pattern other than ribbing, etc. I need to do something new, but the ribbing is so easy to do while flying or in the car.

I also haven't knit any Noni Bags, but I have several of the patterns.