Sunday, March 04, 2007

Second Happiest Place on Earth

Went to Disneyland for three days. I've now decided if it truly wants to be the happiest place on earth, it needs yarn stores. No sign of knitting anywhere. I went from Stitches, where people knit 24/7 everywhere you turn (even, I suspect, in the bathroom) to Disneyland, where you stand around a lot waiting, and yet, no one takes advantage of the primo knitting time. Hmm. The contrast was glaring. At least to me.

Mickey says hello. Or at least nodded hello.

I did knit during the car ride. I didn't have much light on the drive down, and coming home I was kind of tired, so I wasn't too productive. You can't always be on top of your game.

I came home to this--

A little knitted cupcake surprise. Very cute Nolamom!


Pat said...

Well - aren't you the traveler!
What I want to know is....Was Disneyland supposed to make up for you being away on your own at Stitches????

Frank said...

Awww! How cute are the kidlets?! And that cupcake is on my To Do list. What else would a part-time cake decorator knit?!

tiennie said...

Cute family and cute cupcake!

Did you knit at Disney even though no one else did?

Tracylinney said...

OOOH, Frank sounds like fun! The cupcake is darling!!!! And, I can't believe you can really handle 3 days walking around an amusement park, aren't you experiencing shin splints???

aleakamh said...

Dark drives + Knit-Lite needles = Happy Knitter.
My husband laughed at me when i bought them, but now he asks if I have them- he enjoys the company on late drives instead of the sleepy wife in the seat.
I don't know how you did the walking at Disney after Stitches- my legs hurt for days!