Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When Old Ladies Attack

Fabric stores are scary. Usually it is because I have to avoid temptation. Books, fabric, yarn, this-n-that, and the ever present coupon that screams from the bottom of the purse.

Well today, they got REALLY scary. Tracy and I were minding our own business in line when this crazy woman with a dog in her cart and two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in there too starting getting very close to us in line and then her dog LICKED ME! And when I said (not hostile or anything honestly) that I didn't appreciate her dog licking me, she proceeded to attack! She said it was my "fault" because I moved my arm, and the dog just thought my arm was a piece of meat! Can you imagine? She had been moving closer and closer to us with her cart, very agressively, like she was trying to push us out of her way. It was very odd. The dog was not a service dog of any sort either, just a little dog unlucky enough to have a owner that is nuts.

Anyway, at that point Tracy's claws came out, and the manager was called to subdue her (the old lady, not Tracy) so we could make it into the parking lot without her setting her little dog on attack mode to lick us any more. Tracy said she wasn't worried because if need be Tracy could "take her." Thank goodness I have friends to protect me from crazy old ladies.

Yarn stores are nicer. In fact, just thinking about the incident makes me want to go there now. I think I need a glass of wine.


Lisa M. Hendey said...

I have no doubt Tracy could kick her bootie and her little dog's too! You guys crack me up!!!
You should have followed your instincts when you spotted her yard selection and stayed very far away from her...

Carey said...

Aack! Dog spit and cheap yarn. It just doesn't get any more icky.

Suzelle said...

That's why Tracy is my protect me :)

GREAT story !!!!!!!!!