Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It was truly painful...

Emily signed up for a junior high elective at her school to make things using the "Nifty Knitter." While appalled that I may be associated with such "fake knitting," I am a supportive mom, and realize that the alternatives weren't all that great.

Then she told me what supplies she needed. Nifty Knitter loom, ok. Then she said the words that made me nearly swoon. Two skeins of yarn they sell by the pound. WHAT? Not that. Not only acrylic, but acrylic of the "pound o'yarn" variety. I told her she might need to find someone else to take her to the store, in case I was spotted. Worse than being caught at Kmart.

Anyway, we went, we sought yarn, we bought.
I am officially a Yarn Snob.
On other topics, the green bag is actually resembling a bag now. My dilemma now is I want to put Squiggle on the top. Do I do it before or after felting? Hmmm... I don't know. I think I have to do a swatch and wash it. Stay tuned.
I am working now on cupcakes for the Good Things cupcake extravaganza on Monday night. We will be decorating cupcakes in all sorts of cute ways and everyone will take home a cute knitted cupcake like I posted earlier. Nolamom is helping me in this endeavor (meaning she had made 5 and I have made parts of one). Stay tuned for more on that topic as well.


Anonymous said...

The 8 key and the I key and the space bar aren't doing too well, mom.

Um, anyways, the yarn feels weird.
I should have bought the soft baby blanket kind.


Tracylinney said...

Oh, I think buying the lb. of faux yarn is okay given the's not like your daughter asked YOU to knit her somthing out of just had to be the taxi cab & the bank for your child.....that's being a good mommy:)

Pat said...

I guess they can't ask all the kids to get gorgeous soft merino wool....but they should at least give you a choice!! I never get why they do the loom thing....why don't they just teach them how to knit???
Can't wait to see the faux Noni!

Gigi said...

Great Color. Have you finished your noni small carpetbag?

Shelley said...

Love the colour of green in your bag!