Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birthday Greetings

Everyone knows me pretty well. Yesterday was my birthday and I was showered with love from all angles. Mom, Carey, Tracy, and I went on a shopping jaunt (not too far, because we have a 2:30 pm curfew) and we shared a nice lunch and a nice time browsing some cute shops.

At lunch, Tracy presented me this-
from her trip to Italy and Ancient Pathways. And thanks to my raging and plunging hormone levels, it made me cry. Plus, having witnessed her friendship during the dog licking crisis, I was overcome.

Carey kept telling every store we went in that it was my birthday and they kept giving me freebies. It was funny, and fun. I did some "happy birthday to me" yarn purchasing at Knitter's Haven (after all, it is not February anymore) with some cotton purply yarn for something for Grace (maybe a summer thing?). Talked to Ellen, the owner of the store, and found out it is for sale. So sad, because I really like the store a lot, and because if I lived there I would want it. But I don't, so there goes that opportunity. Can't see moving the entire family an hour away from home so Cindy can own a yarn store. Hmm, don't think so.

Later in the day, went back to Carey and Mom's to deposit several children for the evening, and was presented with this --
A knitting bag to end all knitting bags. Others may call this little (it is really big, actually) beauty a bag, but to me it is a knitting bag extraordinare. And, yes, Tracy, it is a Vera Bradley (she was the best rep ever).


And mom had already given me two books I so thoughfully picked out for her to get me at Stitches. Wow. I'm speechless.

Even Maurice (not that he doesn't usually do well, really, he is a very thoughtful husband) got into the act. He tracked down Ancient Pathways, and came home with this-

Sock yarn and my first pair of ebony dpn's. Gotta love a man who buys sock yarn.

I was also given love from several other places, Suzelle with a cute little knitting notebook she created, and Chrissy with a coffee card (caffeine is my friend). Thank you everyone for making my birthday very nice. I am proud to have such good friends.

On the knitting side, Clapotis is coming along. It no longer resembles lingerie, just a large triangle. Soon I will be done increasing and onto the straight part. Then I get to drop stitches, on purpose! Exciting stuff.

Happy Birthday Mom (yes, I was born a day too early). And Happy St. Patrick's day to everyone!


Suzele said...

So glad you had a nice deserve it my friend. So glad to call you that..."my friend" :)

Shelley said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Tracylinney said...

Great looking Vera Bradley Bag. The day was fun, I am so glad to have shared it with you & yours.

Pat said...

Happy happy birthday, Cindy! It sounds like it was a perfect day!

Frank said...

Sounds (and looks) like it was a lovely birthday! Happy Belated Birthday Cindy!