Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Felted Pumpkins are Coming

I saw this pattern on knitty, and I thought I'd give it a whirl. I did, by random chance (ha) have some Cascade 220 in the drawer in both orange and green (imagine that), so I started making pumpkin pieces, sewed them together, and them tried to felt them.

My front load washer does a crummy job of that. I sent it through three times and I still see stitches, not the fuzzy felt look. I did wrap it tightly along the seam lines to create the "pumpkin" contours and stuffed with with Target bags and let it dry, but I think I need to send it to mom's to finish it off with a trip through a real washer.

I am finished knitting the vine and stem parts, and will just send them along to moms for the ride.

It is cute, but I don't really enjoy the sewing together of the pieces. That isn't knitting. I was contemplating them for a boutique option, but unless knit picks has some very cheap orange wool, it would probably not be cost effective.

This has been a slow knit week, too much running around trying to get ready for school next Monday and we are going to the beach this weekend. I am trying to get something started for the train trip. I have the raw materials, and am narrowing down the pattern alternatives. Socks or lace? Lace or socks? Lace socks? It hurts my head. When my head hurts too much I look at the pretty yarn and remind myself it is all worthwhile.

By the way, thanks to Grace and Alex (mostly Grace) I got the skeins wound into nice little balls. I really think I need the swift because soon my little winder helpers will disappear into the halls of elementary school.

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Lisa M. Hendey said...

I love the pumpkin!!! So cute, and knowing you, you probably had it made in no time!
I want to know how you're taking the train to the beach - I didn't think there was a train that went over to the coast. That sounds like lots of fun! Enjoy and I'll see you next week. You can read about my traumatic first day of high school over at my blog. Have a great time at the beach. Lisa