Monday, August 07, 2006

Grace is a Giants fan!

We took the train to SF to see the Giants. Grace REALLY wanted to go. I decided to go ahead with the scratchy cheap yarn hat, and knitted all the way there. I finished right before we got to Richmond, where we caught BART into the city.

I went to Britex, fabric store to the gods, and finally found pink fabric to make the perfect knitting bag. And we saw the Giants lose in 11 innings. We had fun, garlic fries and a foam finger for Grace, so it was a nice evening. Sunday we spent testing SF's public transportation and restaurants until it was time to go back on the train. For the record, I really love gelato in North Beach.

Alex got himself some cool shoes at the Puma Store, which although very stylin', kept coming untied at 10 minute intervals. Maurice, as usual, was the perfect SF tour guide and got us where we needed to go, even when we complained he was killing us with all the walking.

Not too bad for the dog days of summer!


Emily said...

You didn't add that I didn't go to SF. The coast was much more fun :D We got to see seals and otters and ducks and seagulls, and get soaking wet.

Cindy said...

You can go see the Harlot with us!