Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Taunting the ocean is not wise

I read in a magazine this week that if you're trying to do something creative and find that more often than not you just can't seem to get into the groove of things, that means you need a change of scenery. The magazine said a change could mean simply getting up and going for a walk, or it could mean hopping in the car and driving to a favorite spot.

Deciding to go with that theme, Mom, Dad, Emily and I all hopped into the car and set out for the central coast. We did a little shopping and we ate at our favorite place, Splash. After all that, Emily and I decided to stick our feet in the ocean. We found a good spot and played in the water, but really, it wasn't participating. We stood where the sand was soaking wet and the ocean refused to do much more than get the tips of our toes wet.

"Really," I said. "Ocean, certainly you can do better than that."
"Carey!" Emily said. "Don't taunt the ocean!"

Whatever. Right. What could it do other than splash icky seaweed on us? Well, I found out a bit later, as we were at our second stick-the-toes-in-the-water stop. At Moonstone beach, as we were just leaving, the ocean found its opportunity to pay us back for all the taunting. With our backs to the ocean, up came a wave. A big wave.

Both Em and I got wet up to our upper thighs, soaking our clothes. We learned our lesson. Yep. Don't taunt the ocean. It just isn't wise.

Here's Emily at Morro Bay, looking at the four sea otters in the water.

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Emily said...

I told you not to taunt the OCEAN!!! And we got all wet. The ocean was mean. So was Pop. That shoe thing was not funny. It scared the crap out of me!