Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where does the time go?

My baby is a big girl. Where does the time go?

My other babies are big too. I can't believe this is Emily's last year in elementary school. Just a few years ago, I was saying goodbye to her at Kindergarten's door.

My Alex is too grown up for soccer, now practicing tackles on the football field instead.

I'm not ready for this.

All this life stuff is getting in the way of knitting. My job as chauffeur has resumed and already I'm weary of the traffic. The only thing I have managed to do is finish Natalie's socks. DOLL SOCKS! Yikes! Productivity has taken a dive. I did start a different lace wrap, out of the ArtFibers silk yarn from SF. This one is a little more manageable than the pink one, and I'm still working on that one. I'm basically on row 10 of several projects. My problem is that I have to pay attention to each one when I knit or I am in big trouble, and sometimes I just need a mindless knitting project to do when I'm waiting around. I keep getting interrupted and then I screw up.

Here is Natalie helping me out. She says not to worry, I will pull out of my slump after tomorrow's field trip to Ancient Pathways.


Anonymous said...

Natalie's socks are darling!!! And, she looks like she is taking on quite a big knitting task for girl of her size.
I hope the field trip to AP did get you motivated--I think your students bought more than you did????

Emily said...

Great pictures... they came out better than my digital camera. I think Blogger likes confusing me, I couldnt find the commenting section =o

But Karley read the blog. Weeeeeird. Hey! The "Choose an Identity" thing has me logged in... that's a first!

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Hey, thanks for a great time today! I'm on row 12 of my booties and so far I haven't messed up and torn them off the needles yet...
I'm up for a once a month field trip to AP, but the bakery needs to either get decaf, or I need to run past starbucks on my way there. Coffee and knitting go together like coffee and good friends!

Anonymous said...

Hey-I agree with Lisa-the AP field trip was a nice excursion, but the coffee situation next door left something to be desired--maybe next time we'll get starbucks, sit out front before they open and then shop???? Tracy