Thursday, August 24, 2006

I don't have 10 business days worth of patience

My Knitpicks order did not come today. I have been waiting since the order was placed on August 10. That was an ETERNITY ago. Back during summer. Before school. I hardly remember what I ordered. Except, whatever it was, I WANT IT NOW!

I know the computer said it should be here tomorrow. I can't wait that long. Free shipping should have some sort of warning that your hair will turn grey before you actually receive your order. Don't you think they should tell you that if you want to receive it before you are ready to kill the mailman that you should cough up a few dollars?

I realize I am ranting. But it is yarn we are talking about here folks.


Anonymous said...

You are SO Funny--I agree that the Free Shipping is a double edged sword-FREE VS WAITING....Huh? I am presently waiting for a book order that I must say, Should Be Here By Now (even though I did place the order only 3 days ago)Oh well, Misery loves company...Have a good weekend--Knit On, Tracy

Cindy said...

It didn't come again today. I have lost all hope.

Cindy said...

I got it Saturday. The 25th.