Thursday, August 03, 2006

Meet the Naughty Knitters!

We have never officially decided which spelling we are using for written communication, but I like naughty better than knotty, although it is nice to switch back and forth depending on our mood.

Here we are, Cindy, Nola, and Tracy working on our latest projects. Everyone is making progress! Tracy is working on her shawl (and finding it dreadfully boring) and her pink crochet purse, and Nola is working on the sock that I think she despises although it looks fine.

Hopefully Lisa will join us when we end our summertime break. We miss her and look forward to seeing what she has done over the summer.

Carey is our member-in-spirit, due to that silly employment issue.

I RSVP'd this morning to go see the Harlot in Los Altos. We'll see if we can actually make that happen, due to kids and impending soccer games. I hope so!

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