Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I have big plans

I have not been the most tech-savvy person up until now. Carey is laughing hysterically right now, I know. But I am discovering I like this brave new world of blogging, digital cameras, web sites, and podcasts. I even check my email! Usually more than once a day, even. I amaze myself. I am even becoming one of those persons who is impatient with those who are not as with-it as I imagine I am.

Here is what I discovered yesterday-- Etsy.com. Wow. A site dedicated to selling handmade things. It is new I think, and I hope it catches on. Big. I am going to list my stuff there. My fuzzy purses, knitting bags, and other things I haven't even made yet. The possibilities are swirling around in my mind.

The other thing swirling around the vast open space of my brain is entering in the fair. Entry forms are due next week, and I have promised myself I will take the plunge. I did enter the "Nine Fingers" quilt two years ago (another story for another time) but last year I let the date slip by. I am planning so far on entering the Norwegian mittens I made (I'll take a picture before I take the entries in) and I'm thinking if I try really hard, I may finish the silk lacy wrap. Not the knit-7-together one, but the more manageable one. It is pretty. Blue ribbon pretty, I don't know. There is a category for hat too. I could crank one of those out pretty quickly. Again, big plans.

I also bought a book today on blogs. I am going to try to improve my very tiny blogging skills, so I can keep up with the world and actually be close to really being one of those "internet people."

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