Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Scrapbook Expo!

What a fun day! Mom and I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton and what a nice, nice day it was! We didn't go overboard (close!) but boy did we get some cool stuff.

This year's expo was so different from others. Each year there seems to be a new favorite of the industry. One year all we could hear was the pounding of eyelets all over the expo. This year the favorite thing by far was chipboard letters and shapes. They were everywhere. At left is a sample of one of the non-scrapbook things made with the chipboard letters. This time, they used fabric behind what is normally considered the unused part of the chipboard alphabet. They spelled out the word CREATE and added all sorts of other embellishments and stamping.
Things like this were all over the Expo. Everywhere you looked were fun, creative and sometimes goofy samples. And big, big, big are small books and theme albums. They were everywhere! It was so inspiring to see all the new ideas!

Here are some photo highlights of the Expo.

To the left is a small book created by those ever-so-cool people at my favorite store, My Daughter's Wish, who had a booth at the Expo. They took a standard kit and made it their own!

On the inside of the book were individual pages featuring funky writing and doodling. The colors were vibrant. They added ribbon here and there and the result was a fun, fun little book.

Here's Mom by Skinny! (That Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich they gave us was an unexpected treat! What SMART marketing!)

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