Monday, October 16, 2006

Circular Completion

My first pair of circular-needle produced socks are finished. Did they soar as promised in the Cat Bordi book I learned the technique from? Pretty much, but I'm thinking that is due to the opportunities I had to knit. Lots of opportunities to knit (some people call it waiting). On the way to Saturdays soccer/football/football day I even turned the car around and went home because I forgot the knitting. What would I do then? Sit? Watch? Only do one thing at a time? My brain would atrophy!

We had car trouble on the way to San Francisco on Sunday. Didn't make it to the 49er game. Bummer for the game (they lost anyway) and bummer for the major car damage. But the silver lining to be found was the extra knitting time, or at the very least, the fact that I had the knitting with me. The other silver lining was the 2 months left on the 6 year warranty. Yikes.

Here are the socks-- I had lots of yarn left over. Should have made them longer. I'll know for the other two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill yarn I have.


Cherry Tree Hill
Color Peacock
Size 1 KnitPicks circular needles
Pattern: Harlot Basic Recipe

For my next trick, I am either going to do toe up (a la Wendy) or something with a pattern. I am very inspired with the pictures of socktoberfest on Flickr, and would like to try something a little more challenging.

I have been doing a lot of blog surfing lately and stumbled across some very fun blogs. I even found out that Socks that Rock has a Harlotty colorway. Must have! Ordered the Lucy (Wendy's cat) colorway they had too. I'm such a groupie! Stephanie called her Harlotty colorway the color of all the 70's appliances, gold, orange, and green. Thought that was funny.

Tomorrow I pick up my items from the fair, and my HUGE premium check. I get $10. It cost me $4 to enter. I think they set the premiums in 1952. Anyway, I obviously was not in it for the money. Just the bragging rights with my hubby. Ha.

I did get a very nice comment from a mom at school who had seen my mittens. She is a knitter, so that was nice.

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