Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We sparkle!

Good Things has gone glam!

We did a quick Martha craft with some mini pumpkins, and they were cute. See?

We broke in Tracy as a new member by spilling lots of glitter all over her house. Hopefully she will forgive us. She was a great hostess, and bakes a mean pumpkin cake.

My knitting mojo has returned! I have made progress on the circular Cherry Tree Hill socks. This was yarn I got at Full Thread Ahead on Harlot Day. It is Peacock color. I love it! It is so pretty. So far, the knitting socks on circulars is going just fine, but I am on the easy part. I'll reserve judgement until after heel/gusset time.

I do want to report my instant and total devotion to the new Knit Picks Options circular needles. They give Addi Turbo a run for their money. Much cheaper and in my humble and not so esteemed opinion, just as good. Better, if you are partial to purple (they have purple cords). Amazing. Go buy some right now, okay? And then knit something fabulous.

When you knit socks you attract lots of attention. Today one of the other soccer moms said that it looked like a lot of work for "just socks." Do these look like just socks to you? This is art and expression, people! Non knitters just don't get it. It does no good to try to explain it either. I told her it was "fun." Further explanation would have eaten into my knitting time.

P.S. Congratulations to Mrs. Harlot!


Kimberly said...

Looks like you guys have been busy! I love the pictures you post. Happy October

Anonymous said...

The super fine glitter cleaned up a lot easier than the regular glitter of days gone by....And, you ladies were not messy at all. I enjoyed our evening, but should have asked everyone to take some cake home with them-it's been 2 days, & I'm still eating the leftovers.....Naughty Girl....The socks are looking beautiful already, SORRY we didn't give you much time to work on them at Knitting group today, but your teaching services were needed and as always, much appreciated!!!!TL