Tuesday, October 17, 2006

They'll go farther on my feet

As a part of Socktoberfest, Lolly asks us questions now and then. Today, she posed the question: How far have your socks travelled? Where have they been?

Hmmm, I do take the knitting on trips, but where HAVE they been? The mom shawl went to Hawaii. The lace trellis beginning (which hasn't gotten any bigger) went to the St. Regis. Lots of knitting sees the Bay Area.

But my socks mostly have been in the car. THE CAR. Where I spend a big portion of my day. I did knit my last socks during dance class, football games, and soccer practice, the Midas shop, the dentist, and even break time during sub days. They get around, they just don't go far.

I love how knitting fills the spaces in my day. Sometimes it overfills it and I have to force myself to put it down, but for the most part it is the part that helps the rest of the day seem to flow better. The part that is for me among the things I do for everyone else.

Got my stuff from the fair today. They didn't lose anything (secret anxiety relieved). I got $17, not $10. They must have updated the premiums in 1972 but forgot to change the book.

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