Sunday, October 08, 2006

One down, one to go

First sock done! It feels nice, the Cherry Tree Hill yarn is nice and soft, and feels good. Hard to believe it is wool.

My camera is dying. I hope it is the battery. If not, my posts might take a "use your imagination" turn until I can get a new one. I'm trying to make it last until Santa can come through.

Miss Carey Lou had a birthday today. Happy birthday Carey! You sure look good for 29! I made her a scarf. It is the Opera Scarf from Blue Sky Alpaca. It is not made of Alpaca. If I can recall, it is Berroco Cotton Twist I got in Walnut Creek.

This was the project I had to keep secret since it was a gift to my fellow blog buddy. It was a pain to knit!! It reminded me of Tinkerbell, because even though it was only three stitches to remember, if you messed up, it was almost impossible to put it right. If something dropped, you had to rip it back, and then you had no "resting row" to put things right. I ended up using a life line to keep my sanity. I was glad to see it finished, although I was happy with the result. I finished knitting it on the way to San Francisco last week.

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Anonymous said...

Both projects look great - I'm sure Carey was thrilled! I would love to make something with that yarn - it was gorgeous! See you Thursday!