Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm Rockin!

I got a package today! My first Socks that Rock yarn!! That may not mean much to ordinary muggles, but to the sock obsessed, it is the highest achievement in handpainted sock yarn.

Since I am such a blog groupie, I started my collection with Lucy and Harlotty.

Aren't they fun?

I took apart the woven art wall thing and cut the strips in half to make them narrower. It looks better. I had trouble finding super stiff stabilizer so it is on hold until Wednesday. I work again tomorrow. Curse that employment business, it gets in the way of all sorts of things. It is, however, going to help in the procurement of a new camera that will focus better on these sorts of things --

It is really hard to take a picture of your own arm, you know?

First fingerless mitten done. I made the pattern longer ( I hate mittens that end before your coat begins) and I made the hand part a little longer too.

Maybe when the other one is done I can focus better and show the cables.


Anonymous said...

I love those mittens!!! I want some too! Are we knitting Wednesday or Thursday this week? L.

Anonymous said...

The mitten DOES look cute. I hope you're bringing the sock yarn to KK so we can see it in person!! Also, I was hoping you could bring your Oct. and Nov. issues of Family Fun magazine for me to borrow for a day??? See you in the AM---Tracy