Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Reno or bust... Stampin Up style

We're back!
OK... here's the timeline for our adventure.

One day and counting:

Thursday night... Survivor first. Duh. Priorities. Then I began my swap cards. I admit starting my swaps the night before I had to leave was a tad on the crazy side, but at least I didn't work on them in the car. I ended up finishing about 25. That's not an overly impressive total, but I did end up really liking my card.

Here are our cards:

The purse is made using two-sided paper, SU's slit punch and its large square punch. First punch out a square. Then punch the slit and fold it over. Cut around the slot to create the purse's handle and attach a brad to create the purse's clasp.

Driving day:
Friday morning... This is when I started to pack. Packing the day of the trip! Agh! How totally NOT me. Anyway, suitcase packed, rental car picked up and we're off. A trivia question: How long does it take to drive from Fresno to Reno? If you're in the car with Shelly, Mom and I, it will take you 12 hours. Stopping at five scrapbook stores, lunch and a tea stop does take time. The news from the Elk Grove/Sacramento stores is big. PaperZone, a favorite store of mine in Sacramento, has bought Memories, a scrapbook chain store. The combo store is just fantastic. Lots of cool stuff in every nook and cranny makes me a happy, happy chicka.

Regional day:
What fun. There's just an excitement about a Stampin Up event that can't be matched. We checked in, swappers all around us, and got our free stamp set. It is certainly a cute one. And, we got it first! It will be in next year's catalog and it is in our collection now. How cool is that?

Here are some samples made with the new set.

Once we got our set all mounted and name tags on, we began the swap. Here's mom swapping. The best part? People LOVED her cards! There were several women who were following her all around just to be able to swap with her. What fun!

We were really blessed by a demonstration by Shilo Wilstead, a SU trainer who is just the most talented person I've seen. Everything she does is just golden. I've seen her at other regionals and at convention. This time, she showed us a few great projects, like a file folder covered with designer papers, and a journal with tags and pockets and fun, fun embellishments. I've GOT, GOT, GOT, to do these soon.

It was a good, good weekend with good friends.

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