Friday, October 27, 2006

More Stampin' Ideas

A long time ago, I ran into a group of gals in the Fresno airport. They had the crazed look of girls on the way to a Stampin Up convention. Long story short, they befriended me and have helped me come up with inspiration along my stampin' path all these years. These days I don't go to as many Inkertoys meetings as I used to because of my goofy schedule. When I do get to treat myself to a meeting, there's nothing like the burst of inspiration from creative friends. I went to one of Robin's meetings this week and the projects sure didn't dissappoint. Here's a photographic tour of the meeting:

These little cards were created by Robin. We created the little basket behind the cards, perfect for storing the notecards in a handy -- and cute -- place.

This swap card was super creative. Instead of a traditional fold, it was folded at the bottom. A notch cut with a circle cutter fits just so around a circle embellishment, giving the card a fun twist on the norm (and some extra space to write a letter). I've shown it open and closed.

My favorite project was a teeny little photo album. Here's the cover and a sample layout.

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Anonymous said...

These look lovely! What a great idea.