Friday, October 13, 2006

Now Interrupting Socktoberfest

I was cruising along with the socks when I surfed on over to Magknits. I had actually never seen that sight, and wow - I love it when I discover something wonderful. Lots of patterns, all nice, very similar to Knitty. A part of me feels like everyone knew this but me, but ANYWAY, I saw this very funky and oh so snazzy pumpkin bag. I had just picked up a skein of dark orange Cascade 220 from Ancient Pathways the other day, so I quickly called Meg and she held the other two I needed.

48 hours later I had this --

And after two trips through the washer I had this--

Here it is with the plastic bags still inside, not quite dry.

Very fun.

On a completely unrelated topic, my next project will be the kitchen bathroom. Right now, it is decorated in black with toile as the main theme. Nice, but I'm bored. Mom and I went to Pier 1 the other day and I fell in love with this rug. Not even a bathroom rug, and way too big, but the color was fabulous. Deep teal and green. I fell in love love. It was on sale, so it was meant to be mine. Now I have to decorate the entire room around it. Since the entire room is very small, that means two walls and the towels. Found the towels. Three different Targets, but mission accomplished. Found fabric to recover the French message board thing that I put photos in that I really like. Four different fabric stores, but I think I've got it. I have to fix the rug too, which means cutting and tying it off, which is doable (I hope).

I want to create a wall quilt/fabric art type of thing for the other wall. I know what I want to do in my mind's eye-- it will have strips of silk duponi-type fabric in the two colors woven unevenly and with some free motion quilting in some fun colors of sulky thread to embellish. Maybe beads. Maybe.

Tracy wants to help. I'll have to be extra careful with the rotary cutter. I told her the finger story and we about had to revive her right on the floor of Holy Child. I've never made anyone swoon before.

So now I've committed myself to this in words, I will keep you posted.

My camera is feeling better. I can hold out until I'm really sure what kind to get before I take the plunge.


Anonymous said...

Hi- Oh, I left you a silly message on your cell # to tell you about Pier 1 for your bathroom project...then I come home, log on, and find out this whole project started because of you bing in that store--Now I fell like I wasn't paying attention to you when you told me about this redecorating urge...I hope that doesn't get me kicked off the helper list....Tracy

Anonymous said...

Oops-Typos in comment above Bing=being and fell=feel