Saturday, October 21, 2006

Today Tracy came over and we started the bathroom project. First up was to decide on the fabric for the french memo board. We decided on the paisley with green ribbon and covered the buttons with the teal napkin fabric from Pier 1.

I had to get another spool of ribbon so we didn't finish. Alex was anxious to get to his football sleepover/birthday party (hopefully I will see him again tomorrow, that many 11 year old boys spells trouble). I will finish tomorrow. Then I will tackle the rug shortening. Could be tricky. Then the "art" for the other wall. Last time I did a project on a Sunday with hubby out of town resulted in the paramedics visiting. Pray for me.

Started something new. Fingerless mittens. So you can knit and still not freeze. What an invention! Using Koigu Kersti, it is so soft and I love the colors. The pattern is knitted in the round and has cables to keep me entertained. So far so good. I did one 19 row repeat so far.

The pattern is from the Holiday issue of Interweave Knits. It is a good issue, but I don't like it when you are all excited for new patterns, and then several are repeats you already have in other books/magazines. Bummer.

This one was new to me, or at least I think it is.

Emily went with me to Alex's football game. This photo proves if faced with the prospect of football and nothing else, even Emily will knit. She is doing very well so far, isn't she?

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I didn't want to knit just to knit, I wanted to knit something out of fun fur because it felt soft. But then I wanted to use the other kind of yarn to knit with.