Thursday, January 25, 2007

February is for Finishing!

I just saw a new Knit a Long for February and it got me thinking....(scary, yes). This upcoming month would be dandy to finish some things I have started. Hopefully the cardigan will be done by Feb 1, but I do have a couple of things I have started that I have tried to forget about, hoped my knitting friends forgot I was doing (to avoid the nagging), or yarn I bought but never quite got around to starting.

Since I am going to Stitches and plan to acquire a few (ahem) items to knit once I get home, I need to get as much done as possible to clear the path. Does that make sense?

My rules for February is for Finishing
  1. No yarn purchases until Stitches
  2. Clear out any long forgotten projects and finish them or frog them

Simple, yes. If I concentrate on this for a month, I should be able to finish a few things and get rid of things I will honestly never do.


Pat said...

Good Luck!!!

Tracylinney said...

Ahem!!!! Wrote this on Thursday, and then bought blk & gry YARN on Friday!!!! So much for finishing with out buying to prepare for stitches.....

Tracylinney said...

Oh, and what happen to all the sock yarn you purchased back on our Harlot trip? I have certainly seen you knit quite a few pairs of socks, but I have photos to prove you've bought sock yarn at a rate much faster than you've been knitting what stash pile are you hiding all this yarn you are in denial about?

Cindy said...

Okay you people, this is February. Today is January. I'm stocking up!

Seriously, I only bought the black and gray yarn today to taunt Tracy with, oops, I mean to have something in color range to knit for Project Spectrum. And even Wendy says sock yarn doesn't count as stash! It's like a knitters law or something.

Plus, I HAVE knitted that yarn from the Harlot trip. Just because I can't exactly recall what yarn you are talking about doesn't really matter, I'm sure I knitted some of it. Peacock socks? That was some Cherry Tree Hill I got there. Did I buy anything else? How come Tracy can remember details and I can't? Anyway, nice yarn looks lovely displayed in baskets strategically placed around the room. It screams "I'm creative" to those around you. Didn't you know that?

Tracylinney said...

Peacock socks may have been Harlot trip, but my photo shows 2 sock yarns in your hot little hands!!! And, I was present for some Blk & Gry sock yarn just recently, AND witness to More than 1 trip out of town which yielded bundles of this type of yarn (S.F.-maybe on 2 occasions) I am really not sure about this RULE about sock yarn not counting--I think if we ask your mother, she'd say it counts. Are you saying her sock yarn purchases don't count? Does that then make that type of knitting not count? If I put that much time into knitting something, I would consider that Fighting Words. Hummmm...let's take a survey at the next knitter's meeting to see if Yarn for Socks COUNTS or DOESN'T COUNT. I think you may have to face the possibility that these other bloggers are really just your enablers. I, however, may seem like the really just the friend who's caring enough to force you to admit these things at least to yourself----

Cindy said...

I haven't forgotten the other yarn, that was some nice TrekkingXXL. You do realize that I like my enabler friends. I also like being able to show everyone my new stuff without having it show up as evidence later on by my hecklers.

Besides, Miss Retail Therapy has an entire cabinet full of decadent things-I-buy-for-myself-because-I'm-worth-it that has as many items in it that my yarn stash does. Weren't you (and you know who you are) just telling me that you haven't even broken into the package of chocolate that you bought for yourself BEFORE CHRISTMAS. How is that different than my yarn addiction? Maybe I need to photograph and blog it so that you can be held accountable.

I'm savoring my yarn like fine chocolate. To use it up too quickly wouldn't be doing it justice.