Friday, January 26, 2007

It is still January

I know. I can't get away with anything around here. I went to Knitter's Haven and came home with two very innocent skeins of yarn. I just swore I wouldn't buy any more. (I seem to have a slight problem that some may call addiction, but bear with me while I rationalize It).

It is not February. That is next week. I just bought some gray/blue/white items to get a running start with Project Spectrum. And one is sock yarn. Doesn't count. The other was way cheaper than Prism Stuff that is like $60 a skein, this was $9. And it was black and white and gray. Very practical. I was very saintly to only buy these two little items. I usually am much worse. Ask Mom.

Now, I must admit to doing a little slipping at the fabric store. The heart fabric was so hard to resist, and it was already in packs of little squares. So cute. I can't resist a heart. I LOVE Valentines' Day. I also had a coupon. Work with me here a little, a coupon cannot be ignored, it is savings after all. I got a book on scarves, hats, and gloves, since that is what I have been doing a lot of lately, and everyone around me seems to want to make a hat. It is like research.
I also had a little fun at Starbucks. They have the cutest stuff for Valentines Day. I got the chocolate with pink mug yesterday, and spent the rest of the day debating with myself whether I should have gotten the pink with chocolate. So today I did. And the pink teacup too.
Look what I got in the mail today!
I got all the classes I signed up for originally, which is good. I also got a list of HOMEWORK I have to do. Yikes!


Tracylinney said...

Oh, I just KNEW you were going to pull that "it's still Jan." excuse out as a justification for not being able to stick to your yarn diet for even a measly 24 hours!!! When do we get invited for a latte out of those cute new mugs? That was a hint. Are CGW gals going to quilt something tiny out of those cute heart fabrics? Or are you just hogging up fabric as well as yarn?

Pat said...

I'm so jealous of your "Stitches" classes - what classes are you taking?
I'm going to knit blue/white/gray socks for Project Spectrum too - BUT I had mine in the stash already!

Cindy said...

I'm bringing one of the mugs to Good Things to our tea party. I don't have a fancy latte maker at my home, so I will be bringing my mug to your house for a latte Tracy. How's 7am?

I share fabric very well, however, as Jean and I discussed regularly, some fabric never gets used because then its all gone and that is sad. Its a strange logic, but we understood that. I will however, in the quest for maturity, be willing to use the fabric I just purchased to make a little something fun. Good enough?

Tracylinney said...

7 am will be fine; if you'd like an entire family, barely awake, unshowered, and not yet properly dosed with the much needed morning shot of caffine to carry on a decent conversation--Not a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to screenshot that last comment and sending it to Karley ;)

Anonymous said...

You forgot to take a picture of the paper you purchased at the scrapbook store. We had fun at that store also!

Your partner in crime-- Mom

Cindy said...

Shhh Mom, Tracy is already jealous of all my yarn, don't let her know about the scrapbook store we went to!

Woman who knits said...

Oh man!! I have to wait until August for Stitches!! I'm so bummed!!

Tracylinney said...

Hey! What's this scrapbook thing I've been left out of??? Do I need to shift from giving Cindy a "talking to" to giving one to Nola? Oh, NO, Nola gave me a kit this week, made up of those scrapbooking supplies she's been purchasing, I CAN'T give her any trouble.....That means I better stay focused on Cindy....By the way, harassing & Supporting are a matter of opinion....As your friend, I am sure it is my duty to keep you somewhat grounded in reality!?@*! Right?